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Homelifts Features

Explore the features of Companion Homelifts in more detail, from technical and safety features to the many ways they will make it easier for you to move around all areas of your home.

Compliant with British standards for fire and smoke protection

All homelifts fully comply with the British Standard BS5900:2012 which requires that the seal between the through-the-floor lift and the aperture for the lift be maintained whether the lift is parked at the upper or lower level.

Easily accessible

All homelifts have level (16mm) access making it easy to enter and exit for wheelchair users or walking passengers without the need for a pit or ramp. A power operated door is available as an option.

Space-saving design

All homelifts have a compact footprint and no obtrusive side posts thanks to a unique design featuring only rear space-saving posts.


Our traction drive homelifts have low running costs – less than 1 pence per day. Powered electronically, the system is clean and environmentally friendly, requiring 56% less power to run than a hydraulic system.

Powerful lifting capability

Our homelifts carry up to 255kg making them ideal for transporting a wheelchair user and their carer at the same time, or for transferring heavy or cumbersome items such as suitcases

Smooth and quiet operation

Soft start/stop facility as standard and the traction drive system is quieter by up to 19%.                                                                            

Easy to operate

In-car light, mirror and illuminated controls as standard. Remote control call stations, in-car telephone and diagnostic displays are available in all homelifts. 

Safety features

Sensors fitted to the top, bottom and sides of the lift car detect any obstructions and bring the lift to a safe stop automatically. A battery back-up system means that in the event of a power cut, the lift will finish its journey allowing passengers to exit the lift safely.

Cab options

Choose from open and enclosed cab styles according to the users’ needs or preference.

Seat options

Choose from Fixed, Perch, Tip up, and Heavy Duty styles according to the users’ needs.                                                                        

Finish options

Available in white or aluminium finish, with additional customisation on request.