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Guide to keeping in touch with long-distance family

Published June 2024

Want to keep in contact with friends and family as much as possible? Read this guide for simple ways to show you care from a distance.

How a homelift can benefit you

Published May 2024

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Is it time to install a homelift?

Published April 2024

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Schemes for Older Adults in the UK

Published April 2024

Discover a range of Government schemes designed to help older adults financially, from the Pension Credit Scheme to NHS Health Services assistance.

What are the best winter hobbies for retirees?

Published January 2024

This article looks at the best and most accessible winter hobbies that retirees in the UK can try.

Facts you didn't know about lifts and elevators

Published January 2024

This guide provides a range of interesting and surprising facts about the history and technology of lifts.