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Answering your questions about lift maintenance and repairs

Homelifts in situ

Getting a home lift installed can offer a new sense of independence, security and safety that you may not have had prior. Home lifts can be installed quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to give up your home in the process. With a selection of different lifts suitable for different personal needs, you’ll be able to find the model that suits your requirements, with additional features like half and full-height panels, wireless controls and powered doors. The care of a home lift is easy and straightforward, but if you want to repair or maintain your home lift, this is easy and simple. Continue reading to find out more about our warranty policy, how often you should be servicing your home lift and more.

What happens after my lift is installed?

Once you have chosen your lift, had a home assessment and planned the installation of your new mobility aid, which will take two to five days, you’ll be free to use your new lift to help you around your home and between floors. But what happens once your lift is installed, and you need repairs or want to get your lift maintained? Our team aren’t just available when your lift is being installed; we offer a service to all of our customers even after we have finished the work in your home.

After the installation of your lift, your friendly customer service team will give you a call to make sure you are satisfied with your lift and the service that you received, and this will be your opportunity to tell us if there is anything that you aren’t happy with or want to change. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, our support team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on 0800 144 5257.

How much warranty does my lift have?

Our warranty policy means that you’re covered, even after the installation of your life, as your Age Co Homelift comes with a 12-month warranty for all parts and labour. Our warranty offers you the peace of mind, that should break, be faulty or go wrong with your life, you are totally covered, and the problem will be rectified free of charge. However, after 12 months, the warranty will not cover any repairs, and servicing, or you can take our extended warranty policy; you can ask one of our advisors to give you more information about the details and prices for this.

How often should my lift be serviced?

In order to keep your home lift in the best working order, we recommend it undergoes an annual service. Our 12-month warranty includes one free service to ensure it operates efficiently. After this, for peace of mind, we offer a range of service contracts designed to give the correct level of maintenance, provide servicing and prevent or cover unexpected breakdowns. Servicing your home lift will hopefully eradicate the possibility of any breakdowns that will mean you have to be without your lift for a length of time.

Which home lift should I choose?

We have three different home lifts for disabled people, all of which offer different benefits to those using them, some are larger and more substantial, and some are designed to be discrete and smaller within the room.

The Cygnus home lift is a versatile and stylish through-the-floor lift that can be located almost anywhere in your home in a choice of colours and finishes. The Aurora home lift is a fully enclosed through-the-floor lift suitable for wheelchair and non-disabled users. Available in three sizes to accommodate different needs. The Stratus home lift is an open car through-the-floor lift perfect for wheelchair users. It is available in three sizes to accommodate different needs.