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Schemes for Older Adults in the UK

Once you reach pension age in the UK, there are a range of schemes for older adults that you might be able to benefit from. From financial support schemes to schemes giving you free healthcare or travel, there is plenty to enjoy if you’re eligible, taking the strain off your day-to-day expenses.

Read on to discover the main schemes for older adults available in the UK.

Schemes for older adults in the UK:

  • Pension Credit Scheme
  • Housing Benefits
  • Winter Fuel Payments
  • Council Tax Reduction
  • NHS Services
  • Free Bus Pass
  • Private Business Schemes

Pension Credit Scheme

One of the most well-used and well-known schemes in the UK is the Pension Credit Scheme. For those who are over the State Pension age and on a low income, this scheme can offer more money to contribute towards your living costs. This is separate from your State Pension.

As standard, if you’re eligible, you can receive a pension top-up to make your income £201.05 if you’re single or £306.85 if you have a partner.  There are also additional funds available for those living with a severe disability, those caring for another adult, those responsible for children or young people and those with housing costs.

Money Saving Expert reports that nearly one million pensioner households in the UK that are eligible for the Pension Credit Scheme aren’t claiming, missing out on an average of £3,900 a year. And, it’s not just the credit that you’ll benefit from, as being on the Pension Credit Scheme also opens the door to many other saving schemes.

Housing Benefits

For those who have reached State Pension age and live in rented accommodation, you might also be eligible for Housing Benefits. For those who are eligible, you’ll be able to receive help towards either part or all of your rent, with Housing Benefit extending to no set amount and adaptable to your personal situation.

For those who own their own homes, you might be able to access Support for Mortgage Interest through the Pension Credit Scheme.

Winter Fuel Payments

Another useful scheme for those born before 25th September 1957 is the Winter Fuel Payment. Offering between £250 and £600 to contribute towards cold weather heating bills, this payment should be automatically paid to you if you’re eligible. For those who are eligible, you should receive a letter in October or November, and then you should be paid in November or December.

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Council Tax Reduction

Older people might also find that they are eligible for a Council Tax Reduction. Every council runs its own scheme, so you’ll need to check eligibility, but some can enjoy up to 100% off of their bills. As well as your council area, you’ll need to explain your circumstances, your household income, and whether any children or other adults live with you. Those who live alone at any age will also be able to enjoy a 25% single occupancy discount.

NHS Services

Over the age of 60, you’ll automatically qualify for free prescriptions and eye tests. Those who are on the Pension Credit Scheme might also find that they are able to receive help with NHS prescriptions and costs. This can help towards NHS dental treatments and glasses and might even be able to help with transport costs for hospital appointments.

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Free Bus Pass

Another benefit of older age is access to the Free Bus Pass Scheme offered in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The age at which you can receive your pass will depend on which country you live in, with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland offering passes from 60, and England offering from when you’ve reached State Pension age. With your bus pass, you’ll be able to travel for free from 9:30 am to 11 pm on weekdays and 24 hours on the weekend. Those living in London will also be able to use their pass to access the tube.

Private Business Schemes

As well as Government schemes, there are plenty of private business schemes that mean you can save money on everything from dining out to travel. From concessionary rates for entry to attractions such as English Heritage Sites, RHS Gardens and National Trust attractions to senior discounts at health stores such as Boots and Specsavers, there is plenty to be enjoyed in later life. When over 60, it’s always worth asking whether senior concessions are available when somewhere new to see if you might be able to make any savings.

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A lot of things can come in later life, including relying on mobility aids such as lifts for homes to help maintain your independence. But you can also enjoy a range of exciting schemes that can help with everything from financial support to free travel.

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