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What are the most popular episodes of Grand Designs?

A house on Grand Designs was built near Croyde Beach in Devon

With more than 20 series and 200 episodes of Grand Designs, there are so many must-watch episodes of this iconic programme that you can watch. The great thing is that they are available to watch online and on-demand via the Channel 4 website, but with so many episodes and choices, it can take time to decide which one to watch first.

Whilst you can watch Grand Designs chronologically, you might want to watch some of the most iconic episodes that were hugely popular with fans of the show. Some incredible properties have been built over the years, with some catering for people with limited mobility and including a home lift in their design, whilst other homes have featured the latest in modern technology. To save you time, this article looks at some of the best houses and episodes you can watch.

Grand Designs’ best houses

  • Lighthouse
  • Graveyard Lodge
  • Water Tower conversion
  • Biodiverse waterside home
  • The shipping containers house


Location: North Devon

Year of the episode: 2019

This is a must-watch episode as a couple (Edward and Hazel) set out to build a lighthouse on the dramatic North Devon coast, but the project hit a number of stumbling blocks, including near bankruptcy when the property was nowhere near finished.

The original episode on Channel 4 from 2019 takes you through the couple’s journey and what they intend the finished lighthouse to look like, and viewers from across the country were captivated by this massive project.

In 2022, the Grand Design team returned to the site in North Devon to catch up with Edward to see whether the lighthouse had been finished.

Watch the episode here.

Graveyard Lodge

Location: London

Year of episode: 2021

An ex-army officer called Justin Maxwell regularly walked his dog in a graveyard in southwest London, where he spotted a run-down cemetery lodge that he became fascinated with. When it went on sale in 2014, Justin bought it and began restoring the neo-Gothic cemetery lodge and converting the toilet block into a luxury home with a moat and a swimming pool.

Liv, the author behind the Liv For Interiors blog, says it is one of her favourite episodes: “It split opinions, but we’re big fans of the show’s most costly project. A lodge and a 1960s toilet block set within a West London cemetery was transformed into an outstanding home. With a basement complete with a wine cellar and a 13-metre swimming pool, a moat and an indoor waterfall, no expense was spared to create this magnificent home. With 5 bedrooms and the perfect blend of the old and the new, we’d really like to have a snoop around this house!”

Watch the episode here.

Water Tower conversion

Location: London

Year of the episode: 2012

One of Grand Designs’ best houses is the renovation of a disused water tower, and this ambitious project required a large budget to be able to transform this local landmark into a home.

The project had to preserve the history of the water tower, and despite lots of challenges during the building project, the end result was spectacular, with the building offering up 360-degree views of the surrounding area and the owners enjoying a large living space.

Watch the episode here.

Biodiverse waterside home

Location: Chichester

Year of episode: 2021

Dan and Nina Rowland are planning on building a family home, but a large section of their plot of land is covered by a large, stagnant pond, which was the main reason why this 1930s house in West Sussex had been on the market for two years.

Love Property, a site that shares property inspiration and tips, spoke about why this episode of Grand Designs is one of their favourites: “Keen to embrace biophilic design, Dan and Nina made a conscious effort to ensure well-being was a key part of their new home, while also protecting the surrounding Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Having travelled extensively together, the couple wanted to create a home that reminded them of the coastal architecture of California.”

As part of the episode, you will see how the couple demolished the old house that was standing on the site to make way for a stunning, contemporary home sitting beside the water. In fact, you will see how the pond has been turned into a crystal-clear natural swimming pond.

Watch the episode here.

The Shipping Containers House

Location: County Derry

Year of the episode: 2014

Certainly, one of the most unique and best Grand Design houses is the Shipping Containers property. This episode sees a young farmer and architect in Northern Ireland aiming to make a home out of four large shipping containers that will be welded together.

The £100,000 house design is located in a secluded spot on the family farm, and the shipping containers will be cantilevered over the top of a picturesque stream. During the episode, there will be plenty of challenges that Patrick Bradley, the young farmer, will need to overcome.

Watch the episode here.

Grand Designs is an iconic programme that millions of people across the UK and the rest of the world love to watch as you see the trials and tribulations of people looking to build their dream homes.

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