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What size home lifts do Companion Homelifts sell?

Holding an older persons hand

As we age, maintaining independence and quality of life becomes increasingly important, and for many older adults, the ability to navigate their homes freely is a key aspect of maintaining this.

Home lifts play a crucial role in facilitating this independence, offering a safe and efficient solution to overcome the challenges associated with mobility issues and helping the user move to each floor of their home with ease. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of home lifts and what sizes are available.


One of the primary reasons mobility home lifts are essential for older individuals is their role in preserving independence. As mobility naturally diminishes with age, navigating stairs or accessing different levels of the home can become challenging, so home lifts empower older individuals to move freely within their homes without assistance, fostering a sense of self-reliance.


Ensuring that older people are safe in their homes is of paramount importance, especially for seniors who may face an increased risk of falls or accidents. Home lifts provide a secure means of traversing between floors, eliminating the need to navigate stairs and reducing the likelihood of slips or falls. This not only protects the physical well-being of older individuals but also alleviates concerns about safety, promoting peace of mind.

Convenience and comfort

Home lifts are an incredible convenience as it eliminates the physical strain and discomfort associated with climbing stairs. The simple push of a button can transform how you can move within your home, promoting a more relaxed and enjoyable living experience.

Living in your own home independently and comfortably is a goal for many older individuals. Mobility home lifts play a vital role in facilitating ageing in place by removing barriers to movement within the home. This not only contributes to a higher quality of life but also allows older individuals to remain in the familiar and cherished surroundings of their homes.

The psychological impact of mobility limitations should not be underestimated, as home lifts contribute to the mental well-being of older individuals by fostering a sense of control and autonomy. The ability to move freely within your own home can boost confidence and contribute to a positive outlook on life.

Home lift sizes

With a wide range of home lifts available, there is always the ideal size that will fit well into your home and with the space you have to work with. Installing a home lift is a carefully planned process that aims to enhance accessibility while seamlessly integrating with your home's design. The lift installation begins with a thorough assessment of your home's layout, considering factors such as available space, structural requirements, and your specific mobility needs. This evaluation guides the selection of the most suitable lift size for your home.

Mobility home lifts come in various sizes, ranging from compact models for tight spaces to more spacious options for larger properties. Once the appropriate size is determined, the installation team secures the lift's track or shaft along the designated pathway, ensuring structural stability with minimal disruption.

The installation process involves connecting the lift to the home's power supply, with specific considerations based on the lift type—hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric. After installation, rigorous testing is conducted to guarantee smooth and reliable operation. The diverse range of sizes available ensures an ideal mobility home lift solution for every home, tailored to meet both spatial constraints and individual mobility requirements.

The Cygnus homelift is a versatile and stylish through-the-floor lift that can be located almost anywhere in your home due to its space-saving design. The Aurora Homelift is fully enclosed and is a through-the-floor lift suitable for both wheelchair and able-bodied users. Available in three sizes, it can accommodate everyone’s needs and space to work with.

The Stratus homelift is a through-the-floor lift with an open car design specifically designed for wheelchair users. Available in three sizes to cater to various requirements, it offers versatility and accessibility.

The rules for accessible home lifts are in place to make sure that people with disabilities or mobility issues can easily use them; however, there is some flexibility in the guidelines. They generally require a space of 1500mm x 1500mm in front of the elevator for wheelchair movement, and if there's a straight path, the width can be 900mm.

Interestingly, these guidelines don't necessarily apply to the size of the elevator itself. For instance, if the elevator is designed for both standing passengers and wheelchair users, the recommendation is a 2000mm wide by 1400mm deep car. However, the actual size can vary depending on the building.

Whatever space you are working with, there will always be a solution which will seamlessly fit into your home. For more information on the homelifts we offer, or if you have any queries about the installation process, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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