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Tips for cleaning your home lift safely

Cleaning a homelift

A common question asked by people looking to buy home lifts in the UK or people who already own one is how to clean a lift. This is something that should be a regular activity, but sometimes it can be forgotten about.

How often you clean a lift naturally depends on how often it is used, but a home lift should generally be cleaned once a week. You must have an effective cleaning plan in place, as bacteria and dirt can hide and be invisible.

If you want to know how to clean a lift, this guide shares some helpful tips you can follow so that every passenger can enjoy a hygienic lift environment.

Top tips for cleaning a home lift

  • The equipment to use for cleaning a lift
  • Ensure the power of the home lift is off
  • Use antibacterial products for lift buttons and handrails
  • Clean from the top to the bottom of the homelift
  • Don’t forget to clean the door tracks
  • Speak to one of our advisors

The equipment to use for cleaning a lift

Before you start cleaning the lift, you first need to consider the equipment you will need to use to clean a home lift.

It would be best if you used normal household disinfectant to help kill bacteria and reduce the risk of passing on any infections to other users.

When using disinfectants to clean the lift, you should always wear washing-up gloves and aprons to protect your skin and the clothes you are wearing.

It is also recommended that you wear eye protection to avoid contact with your eyes and a mask to avoid breathing in any fumes.

To clean the glass of a homelift, you can use domestic glass cleaners and a damp cloth. It is best to avoid using sponges as they hold a lot of water, which can damage electrical parts of a homelift, such as any push buttons.

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Ensure the power of the home lift is off

A Cygnus Homelift

Before you start cleaning the home lift, you need to switch the power for the home lift off. By doing this, you are ensuring that you can safely move in and out of the lift without worrying that the lift doors will close or obstruct you in any way during the cleaning process.

The last thing you want to do is to start cleaning the home lift and for the doors to close on you during this process. Your safety is paramount, and by switching the power off during the cleaning process, you are ensuring that any potential mishaps are avoided.

Use antibacterial products for lift buttons and handrails

Lift buttons and handrails are regularly touched, and even if only one person in the house uses the lift, they still need to be regularly cleaned.

The best way to avoid germs spreading is to clean the buttons on a homelift and the handrails with an antibacterial cleaning spray. Before you start using the spray, you need to ensure that you are not using a product that is corrosive, as this could end up damaging your homelift.

It is best to use a cloth to wipe down the buttons and handrails, and when cleaning the buttons on a homelift, you should avoid spraying directly at the control panel as there is a slight risk that the liquid could seep into the control panel.

Clean from the top to the bottom of the homelift

Aurora Homelift

One of the best ways to clean your homelift is from top to bottom and start from the inside of the lift and work your way out.

By doing this, it will mean you are not dirtying already clean surfaces. To begin with, you should clean your homelift with warm soapy water by using a cloth, and then you should use disinfectant sprays to clean areas that are regularly touched, such as the buttons, handrails and any handles on your homelift.

You should clean the ceiling of your homelift first, as dust and dirt will fall, and you should leave cleaning the floor until your last task. If you suffer from limited mobility, you will need help to reach the ceiling, and you should ask a friend or family member to assist you with this as you will need to use a step ladder, depending on the height of it.

When you clean the floor, it is best to brush or vacuum it before wiping it with a cloth and warm soapy water.

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Don’t forget to clean the door tracks

It can be easy to forget to clean the parts of the homelift which are not visible and instead focus on the buttons, floors and sides of the lift.

The door tracks, however, can get extremely dirty as dust and grime can get stuck in them. This is why it is vital that the door tracks are cleaned regularly because if they are not, they can get clogged up, and the door will not open or close freely.

You should use a brush to clean the tracks as they can be hard to access, and then you can use a vacuum cleaner to dislodge any stuck dust or dirt.

Speak to one of our advisors

If you have bought one of our Cygnus, Aurora, or Stratus homelifts, you will have a 12-month warranty that includes a service to ensure it is operating correctly.

We recommend a service once a year, and during this assessment, our expert engineers will give the correct level of maintenance and can answer any other questions you have about how to maintain a clean lift.

Keeping a clean lift is important, and this guide has shared some tips you can follow to keep your homelift well-maintained and clean. If you are looking to buy a homelift or want some advice, you can contact Companion Homelifts here or on 0800 117 0155.

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