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What's the best alternative to a stairlift?

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If climbing the stairs is becoming a problem, a stairlift isn’t the only mobility aid that is an option. There are plenty of other options for your home, but arguably, the best stairlift alternative is a home lift.

If you can’t or don’t want to install a stairlift, you will need to find a mobility aid that suits your situation. Things to consider include the cost, the speed of installation for the mobility aid, the layout of your home and which aid suits it the best.

In this guide, we look at the benefits of installing a home lift and some of the other alternatives to a stairlift.

What are the alternatives to stairlifts in the UK?

Home lifts

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Image source: Companion Homelifts

Home lifts are considered the best alternative to a stairlift as they have many benefits for users.

There are many home lifts which are built for residential use, and they range from platform lifts to floor lifts. It doesn’t matter what your needs are; there will be a solution that suits your needs, as modern lifts are now more compact and don’t require lots of home alterations.

Home lifts offer a viable way to future-proof your home, and they can be fitted anywhere on your property. They don’t just add a touch of luxury to your home; they increase your independence and make travelling between floors really easy, which makes them a great alternative to a stairlift.

Another huge benefit of home lifts is that you can use them to take items safely and efficiently from one floor of your home to another. The modern home lifts available today offer you a smooth and quiet ride, so you don’t have to worry about them making too much noise.

Home lift designs are customisable, so you can choose your desired aesthetic to ensure the model you pick fits in with the décor of your home.

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What types of home lifts are there?

  • Stratus Home lift: This practical through-the-floor lift is ideal for wheelchair users thanks to its compact yet efficient design. Available in three sizes, what makes this lift different is the half-height enclosure, which makes it easier to fit within your home.
  • Cygnus Home Lift: This model has a fully enclosed cabin, and you can choose from three different sizes, including a model for wheelchair users. You can get a number of extras for this model of home lift, including an in-car telephone, a powered door, and a 7-inch display panel.
  • Aurora Home Lift: This home lift has a space-saving design so that it can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. The model has a fully enclosed cabin, and it comes in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can tailor it to suit your needs.

How quickly can home lifts be installed?

Timescales can vary based on factors such as the requirements users need and the layout of the house. You will need to organise an assessment where one of the experts from Companion Homelifts will come to your home and discuss the process and take you through the next steps.

Installation, on average, can take six to eight weeks after your final plan has been agreed.

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Other alternatives to a stairlift

Whilst a home lift is the best alternative to a stairlift, there are other mobility aids that can help you around the home, and here are some you can consider.

Access ramps

Access ramps are normally installed at a property's entrance with a few steps, but they can be used indoors if your property has a few steps from one room to another. Some models come with a built-in handrail to give users an extra bit of support.

If you need an alternative to a flight of stairs, then a home lift is still your best alternative, as access ramps are better suited to helping people walk up a small number of steps.

Handrails and grab bars

A small change you can make around the home is installing handrails and grab bars. These can be strategically located around your home and are perfect if you need a bit of reassurance when climbing stairs.

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As this guide demonstrates, stairlifts aren’t the only option when it comes to making your home more accessible, and if you are looking for an alternative to a stairlift, then home lifts are the best option. By contacting Companion Homelifts here or on 0800 117 0155, you can find out more about the different home lift products that are available.

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